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Rico Curry and Susan Curry aka “The Curry’s” are the proud co-owners and creators of The Stuffed Berry brand. Using their experience with running other successful businesses, this dynamic husband and wife team decided to partner together and in April of 2013 The Stuffed Berry concept was born. Susan is a foodie at heart and has a passion for baking and cooking and creates the scrumptious desserts they offer while Rico is the back bone of the company and helps to run the day-to-day operations of their brand.

As a child, Susan was always in the kitchen watching and helping her mother and aunt from South Carolina bake and cook. She especially loved to help them make southern peach preserves every summer for the coming winter months. Her mother and aunt realized Susan’s potential in the kitchen so they bought her boxed cakes mixes and canned icing to experiment with and it wasn’t long before they began teaching her how to bake and cook from scratch. Susan has been baking and cooking since the age of 6 and can remember the first thing she ever cooked by herself – pancakes and bacon. “We were home from school because it snowed and my parents and sisters were still asleep but I was hungry so I went to the kitchen, got the pancake mix and measuring cup from the cabinet and the other ingredients from the fridge, I stood on a stool to reach the skillet from the top of the fridge (for some reason mama kept it there), and got 2 packs of bacon from the fridge. I cooked the bacon first and then the pancakes. Amazingly nothing was burnt and voila breakfast was served”.

So where did the idea to take strawberries and turn them into amazing gourmet desserts come from? We would have to say Susan’s passion as a foodie and her love of baking and cooking, coupled with their entrepreneurial spirit and being supportive partners to each other while using their GOD given talents to do something they truly love. Creating The Stuffed Berry just came natural and the rest is history.

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Delivery restrictions apply. ALL orders outside the beltway may require a meet up location based on the location provided during checkout. We will contact you with the meet up location. We only deliver Monday-Saturday 11-7pm. Call to inquire for delivery times outside of that.

Stuffed Berry Creation
Cookies and Cream Stuffed Strawberries

Disclaimer: The Stuffed Berry is NOT an allergy free bakery and cannot guarantee that our products are free from ingredients that may affect certain food allergies. Our products are not for resale.

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