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Choose up to 2 flavors per dozen or 1 flavor per 1/2 dozen
** Indicates dessert has a non gluten-free filling


Amaretto - amaretto cream/milk chocolate/chopped toasted almonds

Apple Butter Pecan - vanilla cream/apple butter/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/chopped pecans

Apple Pie - vanilla cream/spiced apples/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Apricot Peach - vanilla cream/apricot puree/peach puree/chopped peaches/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Apricot - vanilla cream w/apricot puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Pudding - vanilla cream/banana pudding/chopped banana//white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Split - vanilla cream/banana puree/wet nuts/pineapple/cherries/milk chocolate/ chocolate syrup/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Walnut - vanilla cream/banana puree/chopped walnuts/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Bavarian Cream Pievanilla cream/bavarian cream/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Blueberry Cream Pie - vanilla cream/blueberry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Blueberry Peach Pie - vanilla cream/blueberry puree/chopped peaches/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Caramel Apple - vanilla cream/spiced apples/caramel/cinnamon sugar graham crackers

Caramel Popcorn - vanilla cream/caramel/white chocolate/kettle cooked popcorn

Cherry Cream Pie - vanilla cream/cherry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/whipped cream

Chocolate Covered Cherry - vanilla cream /cherry puree/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Chocolate Hazelnut - chocolate hazelnut cream/hazelnuts/milk chocolate/chopped hazelnuts

Chocolate Peppermint - vanilla cream/soft peppermint candy/white chocolate/ crushed vanilla cookies and topped with peppermint candy dust

Chocolate Raspberry - vanilla cream/raspberry puree/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Coconut Cream Pie – vanilla cream/coconut cream/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/whipped cream/sweet shredded coconut

**Cookies n’ Cream - vanilla cream/white chocolate/chopped chocolate cookies/ white chocolate/crushed chocolate cookies

Cran Raspberry - vanilla cream/raspberry puree/dried cranberries/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Crème de Menthe - vanilla cream/chopped mint/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Double Chocolate - vanilla cream/crushed chocolate cookies/milk chocolate

Egg Nog - vanilla cream/egg nog/white chocolate/crushed gingersnap cookies

Honey Oat - vanilla cream/honey/cinnamon granola/white chocolate/crushed granola/honey drizzle

Key Lime Pie - vanilla cream/lime zest/ lime juice/white chocolate/crushed cinnamon graham crackers

Key Lime Margarita - vanilla cream/lime zest/lime juice/lemon juice/white chocolate/crushed cinnamon graham crackers/margarita drizzle

Lemon Blueberry - vanilla cream/lemon and blueberry puree/white chocolate/crushed blueberry brown sugar cookies

Lemon Cream Pie - vanilla cream/lemon puree/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed lemon cookies

Lemon Ginger - vanilla cream/lemon puree/grated ginger/lemon zest/white chocolate/crushed gingersnap cookies

Lemon Meringue Pie - vanilla cream/lemon puree/lemon juice/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/meringue lightly torched to perfection

Mango Peach - vanilla cream/chopped peaches/chopped mango/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Maple Bacon - vanilla cream/pure maple syrup/bacon (pork or turkey)/white chocolate/maple syrup drizzle

Maple Bacon Pecan- vanilla cream/pure maple syrup/bacon (pork or turkey)/white chocolate/pecans/maple syrup drizzle

Maple Pecan - vanilla cream/pure maple syrup/chopped pecans/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/chopped maple pecans

Milk Chocolate Cashew - vanilla cream/milk chocolate/chopped toasted cashews

Milk Chocolate Pretzel - vanilla cream/milk chocolate/pretzels/caramel

Milk Chocolate Dream - vanilla cream/milk chocolate/cinnamon/milk chocolate morsels

Mint Chocolate Chip - vanilla cream/chocolate syrup/milk chocolate/chopped mint/crushed vanilla cookies/chopped milk chocolate

Mocha Almond Java - vanilla cream/coffee/chocolate syrup/milk chocolate/chopped almonds

Orange Creamsicle - vanilla cream/mandarin oranges/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Peach Cobbler - vanilla cream/spiced peaches/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Peaches n’ Cream - vanilla cream/chopped peaches/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed vanilla cookies

Peanut Butter Banana - vanilla cream/bananas/peanut butter/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/peanuts

Peanut Butter & Jelly - vanilla cream/peanut butter/grape jelly/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Pineapple Coconut - vanilla cream/coconut cream/chopped pineapple/white chocolate/sweet shredded coconut

Pineapple Upside Down - vanilla cream/sautéed brown sugar pineapples/chopped cherries/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Pistachio Almond - vanilla cream/almond paste/chopped pistachios/milk chocolate/chopped vanilla cookies/chopped almonds and salted pistachios

Pralines n’ Cream - vanilla cream/caramel/praline pecans/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Pumpkin Pie – vanilla cream/spiced pumpkin puree/white chocolate/crushed ginger snaps/chopped cinnamon glazed pecans

Raspberry Coconut - vanilla cream/coconut cream/raspberry puree/white chocolate/ chopped vanilla cookies/sweet shredded coconut

Raspberry Cream Pie - vanilla cream/raspberry puree/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed vanilla cookies

Raspberry Peach - vanilla cream/peach and raspberry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

S’mores - vanilla cream/marshmallow cream/chocolate syrup/milk chocolate/crushed cinnamon graham crackers/lightly torched mini marshmellows

**Spiced Cake - vanilla cream/chopped gingersnap cookies/our secret spice blend/white chocolate/crushed gingersnap cookies

Spicy Milk Chocolate - vanilla cream/milk chocolate/cayenne pepper

Strawberry Banana - vanilla cream/strawberry puree/banana/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Strawberries n’ Cream - vanilla cream/chopped strawberry/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed vanilla cookies

Strawberry Lemonade - vanilla cream/strawberry puree/lemon puree/lemonade/chopped strawberries/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

**Strawberry Shortcake - vanilla cream/strawberry puree/chopped strawberries/chopped vanilla cookies/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/whipped cream/confetti candy sprinkles

Sweet Potato Pie - vanilla cream/sweet potato puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

The Turtle - vanilla cream/caramel/chopped pecans/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Toffee Peanut Crunch - vanilla cream/chopped toffee & peanuts/milk chocolate/chopped salted peanuts

Tropical Punch - vanilla cream/pineapple/mandarin orange/banana/strawberry/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/confetti candy sprinkles

White Chocolate Cherry - vanilla cream/cherry fruit puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

White Chocolate Cinnamon - vanilla cream/white chocolate/cinnamon/crushed gingersnap cookies

White Chocolate Dream - vanilla cream/white chocolate/chopped white chocolate morsels

White Chocolate Macadamia - vanilla cream/white chocolate/chopped macadamia nuts

White Chocolate Pretzel - vanilla cream/pretzels/caramel/white chocolate

White Chocolate Raspberry - vanilla cream/raspberry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

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Please allow 48 hours for delivery, as all desserts are made fresh to order.


Delivery restrictions apply. ALL orders outside the beltway may require a meet up location based on the location provided during checkout. We will contact you with the meet up location. We only deliver Monday-Saturday 11-7pm. Call to inquire for delivery times outside of that.



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